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About Us


The goal of the North Texas Regional Veterans Court is to move justice-involved veterans out of the traditional criminal justice process and into appropriate, individualized rehabilitative alternatives that improve mental health and successfully lead to community reintegration and criminal case resolution.

Program Structure


Our program’s goals are to find JIV, assess their needs, offer assistance, manage their care, and provide them with successful treatment options that ultimately lead to successful community reintegration and resolution of their criminal case(s). 

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Our mission is to provide support and rehabilitation opportunities to qualified JIV criminal defendants whose crimes were materially connected to injuries suffered as a result of honorable service in the United States Armed Forces. 

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Services for education, counseling, drug/alcohol monitoring, and other needs are provided by outside agencies.


Participants are referred to these agencies throughout the program, as needed. 

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Supervision Monitoring

In addition to the Veterans Court Probation Officer, a Case Manager will monitor each participant placed in the program.


The Case Manager will work closely with the Program Manager and service providers. 

Compliance Hearing

All Veterans Court participants are required to attend monthly compliance hearings.


During the hearing, the progress of each participant is reviewed in open court. Both incentives and sanctions are used as methods of motivation. 

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Phase System

The Veterans Court Diversion Program is a 3- phase program lasting 12-to-24 months. The period directly relates to the participant’s needs and/or 


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Disposition of Court Case

For eligible participants:

Upon successful completion of the program, the case(s) are dismissed and the record expunged (if allowed by law).


In the event the Veteran participant voluntarily leaves or is unsuccessfully discharged from the program, the case(s) are remanded to the court of origin for continued prosecution. 

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